At Matheson, we recognise that our clients operate in a world where the pace of change is unprecedented and that this necessitates the highest levels of service, efficiency and productivity. We foster a diverse, collaborative, innovative and efficient culture, and a forward-thinking work ethic, and we achieve this through Smart@Matheson. Smart@Matheson is not what you would expect from a traditional Irish law firm but we are not your traditional law firm - we think differently about technology and we act differently for our clients. Smart@Matheson is our response to embracing innovation across the firm and to meet the evolving needs of the clients we serve.

FT Top 20 Most Innovative Law Firms in Europe

Matheson is ranked in the Top 20 Most Innovative Law Firms in Europe for a second consecutive year at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards. Matheson is the fourth highest ranked law firm in Europe for innovation outside of the UK. Our Smart@Matheson programme plays an important part in achieving this recognition. Read more

  • Matheson’s approach to technology is pretty special and unique in the market. There is a lot of creativity and amazing ideas being generated.
    Lory Kehoe
    Director, Deloitte’s Europe EMEA Blockchain Lab
  • Matheson has been incredible and very much in the forefront. It is one of the first law firms anywhere in the world to join the blockchain consortium.
    David Fisher
    Founder and CEO, Integra Ledger
  • One of the most exciting and eye-opening events I have ever attended. The hackathon gave me a great insight into life at Matheson and showcased an innovative culture which could not have been conveyed in words.
    Hannah Lynch
    Trinity College Dublin
  • Innovation is one of our core values at Matheson; it is at the heart of everything we do because we understand the importance of keeping ahead of the curve. Smart Week demonstrates our commitment to innovation and providing the best possible service to our clients.
    Michael Jackson
    Managing Partner at Matheson
  • Matheson’s Coder Dojo was one of the best Matheson events ever - my six year old has asked to code every day since.
    Liz Grace
    Partner, Director of Communications Strategy at Mathseon
  • I was really impressed with the ideas and amazed by the quality of the presentations. Without a doubt one of the best events I have witnessed ... you can see that there is so much talent and enthusiasm!
    Tom Hayes
    Partner, Head of Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution at Matheson